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Riverdale Slash

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Riverdale Slash - Slash The Archie Comics Universe
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In a little town called Riverdale.

This community is preferrably 18+.

However since there is really no controlling that -- please place posts behind an LJ-cut -- especially if they are offensive. Please try and remember to label your posts with the following information:


We welcome anything Archie Comics related: fan fiction; fan art; slash; squick; macros; icons; macros; manipulations; appropriations et cetera...

We are probably not taking ourselves seriously; consequently, neither should you. Please feel free to write imflammatory remarks, go off-topic and "pimp" anything RIverdale-related.

In the meantime, we have some speculations about what happens when the the lights go out...

PS: Any resemblance of any character to any actual person, whether living, dead or fictitious, is purely coincidental. We appologize in advance!

PPS: By clicking to see any material hidden behind an LJ-Cut, you are stating you are over 18 and that you take full responsibility for what you see in the full post!
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